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Tattoo In California

Tattoos have a rich history that dates back thousands of years. Ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and indigenous peoples around the world practiced tattooing for various purposes, including rites of passage, tribal identification, and spiritual significance.

Tattoos are a form of self-expression, allowing individuals to showcase their personal beliefs, values, experiences, and artistic preferences. It serves as a permanent canvas for conveying one's identity. Tattoos continue to play a significant role in various cultures and religions. They can symbolize spiritual beliefs, rituals, and rites of passage.

In California, tattoos are a popular form of self-expression, and the state has a vibrant tattoo culture. Here are some key aspects related to tattoos in California,

Torch Tattoo

Torch Tattoo offers its clients high-quality custom tattoos in a clean & friendly shop in north Orange County located close to Disneyland, Angel Stadium, and the Honda Center. Please visit the shop’s website to contact the artist you’d like to work with for current appointment info!

Studio City Tattoo Los Angeles Body Piercing

We have added AiroCide UV germ-killing air purifiers to our shop's air conditioning process to help clean the air and kill germs circulation through the units. These UV filters kill all airborne viruses such as Coronavirus passing through the filter. Studio City Tattoo Los Angeles Body Piercing Parlor is consistently voted number one #1 Los Angeles tattoo shop in LA County,


We are taking appointments and walk-ins are welcome Same day appointments available!! Deposit is required! Minimum of the shop at this time is $100-150 Text us 323-402-0968 Friendly, professional, clean and awesome atmosphere! Certified Health department compliant!

The Dolorosa Tattoo Studio

The Dolorosa Tattoo Company is a custom tattoo shop in Studio City, CA since 2007. We are proudly artist owned and operated. tattooing experienced a revival in the Western world during the 19th and 20th centuries. Sailors, soldiers, and members of subcultures like bikers and punks contributed to the popularization of tattoos.

Lo Cal Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Studio in Laguna Beach, CA. Specializing in: * Color and Organic Realism * Black and Grey * Neo-traditional * High Contrast Black * Traditional Polynesian * American Traditional * Micro and Fine Line About Us: Lilo Ohana Tattoo Studio (Lo Cal) has a collective group of tattoo artists that have over 15 years of collaborative tattoo experience. Lo Cal Tattoo Studio has a collection of talented artists that specialize in various tattoo styles, giving this studio the ability to meet all your tattoo needs. * Under new ownership * Newly remodeled studio * High end, clean equipment

Classic Tattoo Parlor

We specialize in all forms and styles of tattooing, with more combined experience than any other shop around. Our work speaks for itself. Established in 1989 Classic Tattoo is the first shop in Fullerton, now owned by Tim Hendricks, a Fullerton native. This shop is reminiscent of a post WWII tattoo studio and contains more original tattoo art than any other shop within the Orange County area. It is truly the tattoo parlor of yesterday with the best tattoos of today.

Inkfiend Art Studio

We're located in Los Angeles, California's area of Alhambra. We're artist that respect the game and work that strive to better ourselves on a daily basis. Tattoos are a form of wearable art. Many individuals appreciate the aesthetic and artistic aspect of tattoos, and some choose specific tattoo artists for their unique styles.

Rick Walter's World Famous Tattoo Studio

Orange County ‘ s premier tattoo shop. Servicing Sunset Beach for 40 years. Acceptance of tattoos varies across cultures. In some societies, tattoos are widely accepted and integrated into daily life, while in others, they may still be associated with stigma or negative perceptions.

under the gun tattoo

Get your next tattoo at Under The Gun Tattoo in Los Angeles, California! We have all the information about the nearest tattoo shop, contact by phone or come to the shop to request more information, price or the tattoo design and the area to be tattooed.

The Honorable Society Tattoo Shop

Based in West Hollywood, The Honorable Society is considered one of the best tattoo shops in the Los Angeles area and in all of California. Opened in 2009, The Honorable Society offers an eclectic style variety, encompassing Fine, Line, American Traditional, Japanese Traditional, Realism, Japanese, Neo Traditional, Thai Traditional, Illustrative, Watercolor, Delicate, Minimalism, Chicano and Traditional Blackwork, we pride ourselves in being able to pair an artist to a customer with the exactly appropriate skillset.

California Rose Tattoo Gallery

Tattoo shop we specialize in black and grey color Realism, traditional, Disney tattoos and custom lettering. Attitudes toward tattoos in professional settings have evolved. While some industries may still have conservative views, many workplaces are becoming more accepting of visible tattoos, especially in creative fields.


Family owned and operated with myself and my wife. The business was started in 2013 , I have over 20 years of tattoo experience. We specialize in Black and grey, fine line, Japanese tattoos, portraits, anime tattoos, dot work and blackwork. A customer is the most fundamental aspect of our business. We offer free touch ups for life and free consultations. Drawing time and design is free , we only charge for actual tattoo time . 

The Warren Tattoo

The Warren specializes in custom tattoos in various styles. When working with one of our artists, you can expect a friendly staff that prides themselves in giving our clients an exceptional experience. Younger generations tend to be more accepting of tattoos, and the perception of tattoos as rebellious or unconventional has diminished. Tattoos are increasingly viewed as a personal choice and a valid form of self-expression.

The prevalence of tattoos among celebrities, athletes, and influencers has contributed to their acceptance and popularity. Social media platforms also play a role in showcasing diverse tattoo styles and designs.

In summary, the history of tattoos is deeply rooted in cultural practices and has evolved into a form of personal expression and art. The importance of tattoos lies in their ability to convey individuality, cultural identity, and personal stories. The acceptability of tattoos varies across cultures and has evolved over time, with increasing recognition of tattoos as a valid and meaningful form of self-expression in many societies.