What to Look for in Outdoor Cat Houses?

Outdoor Cat Houses

Cat as pet is like a blessing. A furry partner who needs share in your cuddle. Acompanies you in lonely moments. Make you happy with its hilarious reactions to new things. But as pet it is tough to accommodate a cat in your bedroom specially with kittens. Apart from that as an independent soul they deserve a house of their own, to spend private time with partners and kids, even for a mid-day nap they need a dedicated place. It is not separating the pet rather a integral effort to provide pets a better emotionally and physically healthy life.

Important features can help you find just the right cat house for your backyard,

Weather resistance

An outdoor pet house is only as good as its weatherproofing. Roaming and feral cats may not want to use a cat house that offers little protection from the elements. Chose pet houses made with water-resistant and waterproof materials designed to keep rain and snow from getting in and keep any kitties using the house dry and warm. 


On cold winter nights, insulation helps keep a cat's core temperature from dropping to dangerous levels. During the summer, insulation can help block heat from entering the cat house, ensuring the cats who use the shelter stay comfortable year-round.

Ease of assembly

Outdoor pet houses should require minimal assembly and have straightforward, easy-to-follow directions. Shelters that are quick to assemble, with only one or a few tools.


While it might seem like a bigger pet house is better since it can shelter more cats, this isn't necessarily the case. Actually you don't want massive houses, storage containers, or Styrofoam boxes. That's because larger cat houses won't prevent a cat's body heat from escaping, which can make it difficult for the cat to warm up. When choosing the best outdoor pet house for multiple cats, one just large enough for two to three cats to comfortably sleep.

Entry and exit points

While it's true that a pet house with two entrances can make it easier for cats to escape if a predator comes knocking. The more doors on a cat house, the more easily heat can escape and rain can enter. If the purpose is warmth, we need to look for warmth. Because cats tend to avoid entering through door flaps, she prefers elevated doors with awnings that keep out the rain. When possible, select cat houses with these characteristics.


You should feel confident that outdoor cats can safely bed down in the cat house. When possible, select pet houses with entrances only big enough for cats. That way, larger unwelcome visitors, like coyotes or stray dogs, won't have a way inside.

How should I clean my cat's house?

Some store-bought pet houses feature roof panels that lift up, which allow you to access the interior for easy cleaning. Specialists recommends avoiding using strong cleaners like bleach or ammonia, as these may be too strong for sensitive feline noses. Usually, gentle soap and water should do the trick, but you could also use the best pet-safe cleaning products.

What is the best size for an outdoor cat house?

The ideal pet house size will depend on your cat's height and weight, as well as the number of cats you want to shelter. One cat typically needs around four to six square feet of space. For reference, the area of a medium-sized dog crate per cat is about right,. Your cats should have enough space to stand up and turn around, but not enough room to let their body heat escape. Keep in mind, too, that the smaller the house, the better it can retain heat.

Do outdoor cat houses need litter boxes?

In general, full-time outdoor or stray cats don't use the best cat litter boxes like indoor cats do, so you don't necessarily need to add one to your pet house. That said, a 2020 Japanese study found that when outdoor cats were provided with litter boxes, they used them exclusively within weeks. So, if you're tired of finding cat "gifts" in your garden, setting up an outdoor litter box near your pet house could make both you and your kitties happy.

Just we human have toilets to get freshen up when we have a call, pets are different from us but they have same needs to be relaxed. So cleaning is extremely important, dirty and filthy places are more like to be infested by pests which may cause heath issues to your pet. Otherwise your efforts to make your pet happy will be a good turning into evil.